We've Made it to the Shortest, Darkest Day of a Dark Year

An animated gif illustration of a lit candle bouncing up and down in the darkness, like the light is trying to escape or grow.

It's Winter Solstice! The shortest, darkest day of the year! From this point forward, the light will grow (until, of course, it starts shrinking again, but let's live in the now, shall we?)

Last year, for the first time, I did a ceremony with a friend to let go of the darkness of the previous year and usher in the light. At that time, just facing my deepest hopes for the year to come was a scary endeavour. Not only was I admitting my core needs and desires, but I was taking action to symbolically invite them into my life. Terrifying.

Well, don't worry, none of the specifics I was thinking about in that ceremony happened, although if you open up your heart (and definitions) then yes, I may have found what I sought, in a broader sense.

As with everything, I blame COVID.

I also blame COVID for the fact that I don't really know what my hopes are for this new cycle of light and darkness. This year I learned not to get too into plans or hopes or visions for what's to come because truly anything can happen.

Maybe that's good enough? To walk into the growing light with my hands open, ready to give or receive, come what may. (Although knowing what direction I am walking, at least to start, might be nice!)

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