Join Me In Saying Eff That Noise to 2020

I don't generally go in for the notion that fate or the universe or grander events are in any way tied to our calendar year. It's not like hardship gets an assignment with a due date on New Year's Eve.

Like damn y’all we’re still in a pancreas 🥴

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HOWEVER, I do still see the new year as a great time to make changes or set goals or step into something new. I have also been getting into ceremony and ritual this season, and so I have created a little "Eff That Noise" ritual to say goodbye to 2020. If you want to participate, I would love to have you!

This can be executed anytime between now and midnight New Year's Eve. Heck, you could even do it New Year's Day if you need to shake the dust of 2020 off your feet.

  1. Find or make something that is symbolic of something you want to "leave behind" from the past year. This can be as simple as writing something on a piece of paper, finding an item, a movement/dance, or an elaborate craft. It can be symbolic or literal, personal or general.
  2. Find or make something else that represents something you would like to carry forward. Same rules apply.
  3. Prepare food that you find particularly nourishing or comforting.
  4. Pick a song for the ceremony that seems fitting to you. Suggestions include "The New Year" by Death Cab for Cutie, "This Is My Year" by Woodes, "Forever Young" (whatever version you like), "1999" by Prince, or "thank u, next" by Ariana Grande. Silence is also okay.
The Ritual:
  1. Put the song on & light a candle.
  2. Place the symbol of that which you would like to carry forward next to the candle.
  3. Say something like, "Human calendars don't mean much, but this year held a lot of pain, a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of darkness. There were some lessons I would like to carry forward, but to everything else, I say: Eff. That. Noise."
  4. Destroy the symbol of the noise you would like to have eff off.
  5. Feast.
  6. Document it however you see fit and if you want to, share it directly with me or with an #effthatnoise2020 hashtag.

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