Why We Suffer

I saved this image from Scott the Painter on Instagram quite some time ago. Every once in awhile, I look at it and feel a bit more at rest.

Artwork by Scott Erickson (Scott the Painter), depicting on candle in the centre that is burned out and many lit candles surrounding it, as if they are prepared to relight the snuffed candle.

The text he posted with it:

"I don't know why we suffer... and I'm not sure there is even an answer to that question. Or if it's even the right question to ask about suffering.

But I do know this: there is a strange byproduct of suffering... which is the gathering of human souls around those who are hurting.

May we never lose sight of the Light that shines brightest when we gathering to care and love each other. The Divine says it's present in that moment. Maybe it's some of the most poignant places of incarnation..."

Here's a key, though: in other for other human souls to show up and ease your hurting, you have to let them know you are hurting in the first place.

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