The Bad Apples Defence

A stop-motion animated gif of a fruit basket. We zoom in as an apple spins around with a nasty expression on its face. It's a bad apple.
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First of all, the saying is, "a few bad apples spoil the bunch," so if your defence is that you are getting blamed for a few bad apples, you are telling us you've been spoiled. I am sorry to hear that.

Second, if I found a bad apple mixed into my produce and my goal was not to have a drawer full of rotten fruit, I would move pretty dang swiftly to deal with that apple. You know, to avoid the aforementioned spoiling of the bunch.

Things I would not do:

- Leave the bad apple there and hope the non-spoiled apples kept the bad one from getting worse.

- Put the bad apple right in the middle of the bunch so it feels included.

- Systematically move the bad apple around to different parts of the drawer, allowing it to harm no more than one or two other apples before it is moved along.

- Turn the spoiled part of the apple against the side of the drawer so that it is hidden from sight.

- Put a bunch of good apples around the bad apple to shield it from the spotlight and show all apples matter solidarity.

- Take the bad apple out of the drawer for a day and then put it back in once the apples had all had a break.

- Put the bad apple on top of a bunch of soft, sensitive cherries that are especially sensitive to rot.

In case it's not obvious, here is what I am saying:

If the police forces of North America were really upstanding organizations with the occasional "bad apple" who holds uncharacteristic evil in their heart, wouldn't we see any and all officers who display problematic, violent, discriminatory, or abusive behaviour immediately fired, re-trained, fined, or charged under the very rules they are meant to uphold???

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It made me smile (those poor cherries) and also helps me articulate an uneasiness that had settled into my mind.