Learning! Roundup: Did you know that plants have COGNITION???

Remember these??? It's been awhile! But there has been some cool research that's come out recently and I still want to share it with you:

A photo of a bunch of funnel-shaped beakers with grass or plants in them that appear to be frozen.
Photo by Chuttersnap

When people think about their mortality, it makes them more likely to make donations they perceive as leaving a legacy or somehow transcending death.

Growing up with an elderly person at home actually increases negative views towards older people, especially if the elderly person in the home has serious health needs.

+ If you think religious people hate science, you might be American, because apparently religious Americans are unique in the world for their skepticism towards science.

+ HEY-O! Plants might actually have COGNITION!!! There is evidence that plants can do things like communicate, remember things, recognize kin, and even count, which are all considered markers of cognition. (This is not really a surprise, but it's also kind of wild to see discussed by a scientist. I can't wait until we start learning about the personalities of plants!)

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