I Want You Out of My Head and Into My Calendar

A photo of a white wall with a calendar hanging on it. The calendar is mostly white with orange and blue.
Photo by Charles Deluvio.

We all know the trick of putting something we want to remember in a place we won't be able to help but run into. (Right? We do all know that? Like putting the folder you need to bring to work on top of your shoes?)

This Lifehacker post reminded me that this is not just for objects. It's also for activities or ideas:

"We prioritize the things that make their way into our calendars. The things we quite literally see on our to-do list for the day. We give short shrift to those things that we just keep in our minds."
-Emily Balcetis

I already do this, sometimes. I'll put "do yoga" or "read" on my to-do list for the day so that I actually feel compelled to do it during a more relaxed day of puttering and errands.

The idea I love from this, however, is that I am honouring these smaller desires or tasks by giving them a physical (or digital) place in my life. That actually writing them into my calendar or to-do list respects their importance.

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