On My Wishlist: Cat Backpacks and Food Dehydrators

Every once in a while I get kind of obsessed with a new thing that I definitely don't need but I really want. I am not even sure I will USE the thing, but daaaaaaaang I want it. I spend at least a week researching it online, comparing models and prices and trying to imagine my life with it and then at least another week bombarded by online ads for it as I ask myself: will I actually use it? Will I love it? Is it going to change my life? Is this just me trying to imagine I am different kind of person? But if I do use it, it WILL change my life! And then I WILL be the best me! Right???

Here are two things I have been obsessing over lately:

The cat backpack.

I swear, I don't just want one to help one of these cat dads fall in love with me. I mean, if I had ANY evidence one of them lived in Vancouver then... yes. I would stop hesitating.

Here is what I have come to learn: cat backpacks are basically available from this website for about $200 (yiiiiiikes) or from Amazon the Evil for around $50.

But if I had one, would my cat love going for walks??? Would it be WAY EASIER to take her with me when I go see my parents? Would we go sit at the park, as if we are a real family and experience real bliss for once??? Would my life be PERFECT???

(UPDATE: I GOT A CAT BACKPACK!!!! Found a used one so I didn't even have to make the horrible decision between Amazon or spending all my money. We have had one outing so far and I think my Gertie likes it???)

The food dehydrator.

Eating dehydrated foods is not really a part of my life right now, but I can't stop thinking about getting a food dehydrator. I am not sure what I think I will do with it. I have vague notions of being a person who brings a snack to the park and people say, "This is delicious, where did you get it?" and I lean forward and say, "I dehydrated it at home," and everyone claps.

Generally, this obsession is taking the form of some kind of multi-functional food cooker. An air fryer or pressure cooker, but it is very important that it also dehydrates.

I truly have three things I ever cook for dinner, so this would either expand my range exponentially or sit unused next to the slow cooker that has gathered dust for YEARS.

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