Learning! Roundup: Feel the Love, Sense of Gender, Breadwinners, and More!

Two young, black women with natural hair smiling with their arms around each other, holding books. To demonstrate a study showing that feeling love in everyday life makes us happier!
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Feel the Love

Love may not be all you need, but it's sure something you need: people who feel loved in small ways throughout the day have higher levels of overall well-being, including feeling purpose and optimism. Let's share more love!

Sense of Gender

Transgender kids feel just as much like boys or girls as their cisgender counterparts. This research was intended to look at how consistently children feel and express their gender identity, and it was found that everyone's the same in that regard!


Straight dudes have a lot of baggage to unpack when it comes to feminism, and here is another one: married, straight men feel happiest if they are earning 50% more income than their wives. I mean, thanks to the gender pay gap, their status as breadwinner is rarely threatened. So I guess that gives them little motivation to support change there. SIGH.

Fitting In

Here's a wild one: we change how we see ourselves to match how we imagine other people see themselves. In a series of experiments where people would perform some kind of self-assessment, then imagine another person and assess them, and then assess themselves again, that third assessment shifts to match the second assessment.

Retirement Spending

Your personality traits will predict how quickly you spend those retirement savings (if you even have them? If you get to retire ever? If the world hasn't all burned up by then.) People who are more neurotic and negative will spend at a higher rate than those who are more extroverted and positive.

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