Inspiration! Roundup: Dance it Out, Ex-Serenades, Urban Tetris, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": a camping adventure that includes cuddles.
Photo by Steve Halama.

Dance it Out

This could be one of the best dance videos on the internet right now. GO FOR IT!


Speaking of dancing, the girls of TikTok are dancing to voicemails from their cheating/abusive exes, and it's kind of beautiful.

Urban Tetris

I have truly looked at buildings and imagined this before - now Mariyan Atanasov has made those mental images into REAL images!



"Telling your story changes the narrative."

(I don't know if this is a saying in social justice work or a quote to be attributed somewhere? I found it on Taryn Hawley's LinkedIn and a whoooooole bunch of image quotes that aren't attributed anywhere.)

It's Real Fun

Photographer Allison Pollack has made a project out of capturing mushrooms and fungi in all its forms. It's surprisingly fascinating to scroll through.

The Receptionist Delivers!
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