Learning! Roundup: Graffiti Saves Lives, Hypocrisy Interventions, Happy Minimalism, and More!

A grey wall with graffiti on it. The graffiti is three mirrored images of a little girl (black and white) reaching up to a picture of a face that is half Mickey Mouse and half a smile with an X over the eyes. The smiling halves are different colours: blue, white, and red.
Photo by Nad X.

Graffiti Saves Lives

Birds often die from flying into glass buildings and other structures, and now we've seen that the simple act of letting graffiti live on a bus shelter can save those lil' birdies' lives! Maybe we should also graffiti the sides of shiny office buildings?

Hypocrisy Interventions

A new study shows that we can actually stop people from blaming an entire group for one person's actions (like blaming all Muslims for terrorist acts performed by individuals) simply by showing them that people in their own group aren't blameless. It's called a hypocrisy intervention: show a white person an example of a fellow white person's terrorist act and ask them how personally responsible they feel for it, as well as how responsible they think all white people are. Then talk to them about the actions of another group.

Happy Minimalism

If you are trying to be more environmentally-friendly, you'll be happier if you funnel that desire into buying less than into buying green. This study may actually be saying that happiness is related to how materialistic you are (which can be measured by how much you buy), not how you enact your environmentalism, but heck, no matter the reason, it's always a good idea to reduce consumption!

Violence in Schools

A new CBC study shows that violence in schools is much worse than anyone thought, with 4 in 10 boys being physically assaulted in school and 1 in 5 being threatened with a weapon. Meanwhile, school boards have been refusing to release statistics or (likely) properly deal with things.

Go Forth and Fail

The science has proved it: failure is an essential prerequisite to success. Not, of course, that every failure points towards a success, but that every success has failure in its wake.

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