Learning! Roundup: Social Media is Not Ruining Kids, Ex-Appreciation, and More!

Two teenage girls sitting on a couch with string lights behind them. One is holding a phone and has her mouth open in a bit, exaggerated smile, the other has her head tilted to the side and is smiling.
Photo by Matheus Ferrero.

Social Media is Not Ruining Our Kids

A meta-analysis of research on social media's impact on teens shows that a lot of things impact their well-being more than Instagram: sleep, eating a good breakfast, smoking pot, and being bullied are some of them. Social media can enhance their lives, depending on how they use it.

Thank You, Next

After a break-up, it looks like men are more likely to hold a positive view of their ex than women. So far, this research has only been done on heterosexual relationships and I can think of a lot of explanations for it. What will be really interesting is when they look at it in terms of other sexual orientations!

Sleepy Entrepreneurs

If you were to attend a workshop on becoming an entrepreneur, what do you think the chances are that they would focus on making sure you get enough sleep? Slim, right? But entrepreneurs who sleep more are better at spotting good ideas!

Colonization Cycles

This graphic gives a handy reference to how colonization creates a deeply damaging system that commodifies humans.

Scary Dreams, Safe Life

Do you have freaky dreams? Getting scared while you sleep may be helping you stay calm during your waking hours.

Inflammation and Depression

It's possible that depression is an inflammation response, similar to an allergy. This theory has gained traction since discovering that anti-inflammatories can help with major depression. Similar findings hold for bipolar disorder.

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