Learning! Roundup: (Another) Academic Bias, Prenatal Stress, Climate Health Risks, and More

A woman who appears to be of Indian decent wearing a blue lab shirt and holding a test tube of liquid.
Photo by Science in HD.

(Another) Academic Bias

From what I understand, any person of colour that attends a major academic institution experiences a lot of barriers due to the omnipresent white supremacy that runs rampant in our education system (and, you know, every other system). Here's another piece of research backing those claims: academics from ethnic minorities receive less funding for their research applications than their white counterparts.

Prenatal Stress

A lot of research on prenatal events that impact babies focuses on the person carrying the child, which makes sense on one level but also leaves out a big portion of the parenting team. This new study, however, shows that prenatal parental (not just maternal) stress has an impact on the child's behaviour at two years old. (Sorry it's not better news, but hey, at least both parents are included!)

Climate Health Risks

Climate change is endangering the health of the current, youngest generation in serious ways, including increased risk of infection and health and developmental issues related to poor nutrition.

Obese Kids Are Given Worse Grades

Teachers may think that they aren't influenced by their students' sex, race, or appearance, but there is a host of research showing otherwise. Add this one to the pile: teachers give obese students poorer grades than their thinner counterparts.

Inflammation Slows You Down

You know that mentally sluggish feeling that comes when you're sick? I call it having "veils", because it feels like there are layers of sheer veils between me and the rest of the world. I can still see and communicate, but it's just harder. Well, turns out this might be due to inflammation in the brain.

Temper Tantrums

Kids who develop language later in life are more likely to have temper tantrums than those who chat up a storm.

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