It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine

A green wall with the words "The End" written in black felt marker on it.
Photo by Alex.

Genuine question: is it bad that I am not particularly concerned about humanity possibly reaching its end with climate change?

I know the earth and many other systems will be fine without us, and the universe as a whole will continue to do its thing, and that whatever other intelligent life exists will continue to exist, and that maybe--just maybe--if we can't get it together to save ourselves, that's our bad?

Don't get me wrong: I am mad about it. I am mad because this will all happen because of a small minority of the super-wealthy and powerful who decided that super-wealth was more important than human existence and everyone else went along with it (just in case we ever became super-wealthy) and that lots of people will suffer because of this.

I will also contribute to helping fight climate change. Even if we don't necessarily deserve to keep on existing, I have to at least try to help change things so that the (currently-alive and future) younger generations don't have to suffer through the end days of social and ecological collapse.

In fact, if I could snap my fingers and change things, I wouldn't make climate change simply disappear. I would make humanity band together and make the necessary changes to save itself. I want that story to be a part of human history.

Sorry about this -- I guess it's Bummer Tuesday? I will try to be more positive next post! Actually, here is something: I just learned that the Giphy website homepage, which I always disregarded and just searched the gifs I wanted, is basically an entertainment news site! They make gif collections that match current pop culture events! Wild!

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