This Week in Church: Labels and Wisdom

Welcome to the series wherein I share my take-aways from church. The things that, I think, are beneficial to all of us to know or think about, whether or not we believe in any church-related things.

I think that church can teach things that are beneficial to everyone, whether or not we believe in church-related things.

This week in church, we talked about labels.

Here's a fun fact: the term "Christian" was not originally something the Christ-followers gave themselves. It was given to them by outsiders because they saw that these people were acting like mini-Christs.

So then the question is, is it better to declare an identity for yourself and then hope your behaviour backs it up or to try use your actions to show who you are and what you believe in?

This week in church, we talked about the wisdom of a greater being.

One thing you get if you believe in God is the belief that there is a Greater being who knows everything about you and everything else and who loves you dearly and who just might give you guidance. It can be pretty darn comforting to be able to reach for and open yourself up to the wisdom of a being like that.

Here's the thing though: as humans we are capable of a lot more than we realize. When people approach a problem by saying, "What would an expert in this area do?", they do the expert thing. We can imagine ourselves into acting smarter than we really are.

So why not with the wisdom of a creator? If you don't believe that there is a Great Being who knows everything about you and everyone else and loves you dearly and wants the best for you, just imagine it. What would they tell you?

One thing I have realized while pondering this is that, if I act on the wisdom of a being who knows everything about me (eeeeeverything) and still loves me, I might act out of a lot more compassion, security, and love myself. There's not really a need for defensiveness or weird manipulations when you are fully seen and fully loved.

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