Inspiration! Roundup: The Future, Landscapes, Tree Planting, Time, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Doesn't this place look interesting? Just don't make me drive those roads!
Photo by Dallin Holding.

Hey From the Future

I found this rad website, Hey From the Future where people can give advice for every age that they wish they had received. It's super fun, although when I look at my age range (I'm 34, just about to turn 35) it gets... a bit dark. Also, someone clearly lost their mom in their 30s, because ages 31-39 have the same piece of advice to call your mother, if your parents are still alive. Let's all go hug our moms AND the other people we love who won't be around forever!


I feel like I could stare at these pixelated landscapes by Jason Anderson for a while...

Tree Planting

Ethiopia has planted 350 million trees to try to help fight climate change. It's not everything, but it sure is something. Let's all start doing our parts.


“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”
— William Penn


This video of the earth rotating under a stationary Milky Way is discombobulating in the best way.

Day to Day

I really like this list of ways to enjoy daily life. Especially "let your mind wander" and "spend time with friends and loved ones." I could also start doing one thing at a time a little more often.

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