Learning! Roundup: Work It Out (for your sex life), Chatbots Can Save, Gratitude in Love, and More!

A roundup of the latest research in psychology and science, including the fact that exercise can benefit your sex life!
Photo by Rishikesh Yogpeeth.

Work It Out (for sex!)

Want to improve your sex life? Get your cardio on! Research shows that more intense exercise is good for your sex life. This may be related to having healthier blood flow as a result of working out, which increases arousal and lubrication in women.

Chatbots Can Save

Chatbots are generally annoying creations that pop up on your phone when you don't want them to, but a new study shows that automated text messaging can help people self-regulate their diabetes with greater success.

Gratitude in Love

Gratitude is being shown to be more and more valuable in life, and now we know that it really makes a difference in relationship satisfaction. Or at least, a lack of gratitude within a relationship seems to be indicative of avoidant attachment.

Make New Friends

How long does it take to make a friend? According to a new study, it takes 40-60 hours of time spent together for an acquaintance to turn into a casual friendship and about 200 hours to make a best friend.

Nudges to Give

Trying to convince someone to give to a charity? Give them a moral nudge! A new study shows that giving gentle reminders that someone think about the moral implications of giving motivates them to increase their giving by 50%.

Sharing Your Goals

When setting a goal, do you tell anyone? Research shows it's best to tell someone who you feel is higher status than you. As long as you value the opinion of the person you've shared your goal with, you are more likely to make sure it happens!

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