Learning! Roundup: Have a Glass of Red, Possible New Homes, Self-Healing Teeth, and More!

A roundup of new research, including the fact that red wine is great for your gut microbiome!
Photo by Lefteris Kallergis.

Have a Red

Another study in favour of red wine, showing that people who drink a little red have a more robust gut microbiome. They found the benefit if you drink about every two weeks, so I guess even if you don't like red you might be able to stomach that?

A New Home

A new study shows not only that there might be some exoplanets out there in space that we could live on, but that they might be even more friendly to life than Earth! So we could go destroy planets that are even better than our current home. Wow!

Self-Healing Teeth

We all need to cross our fingers that this one makes it to market: a new gel has been invented that, when applied to teeth, will inspire your tooth enamel to repair itself! No more drilling!

Gay Genes

The largest study to date on homosexuality confirms that there is a genetic component to same-sex attraction, but that it doesn't boil down to one "gay gene", instead being influenced by a plethora of interacting genetic variants. Ah life, it's always complicated.

Better Memory, Better Fights

Have you ever fought with someone who can't even remember what happened when it's all over? What a frustrating experience! Well, it turns out that a person's working memory, or ability to keep information in their minds in an ongoing way, is directly linked to effective problem-solving in relationships.

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