Awesome Award: Greta Thunberg

It's been a while since I gave out an Awesome Award, and who better to jump back on that bandwagon for than GRETA THUNBERG????
Photo by stephane_p on / CC BY-NC-ND
Name: Greta Thunberg

Award Title: For Ongoing Demonstrations of Integrity and Valour, Speaking Truth to Power Without Stopping

Ms. Thunberg is wildly smart and passionate. She is clearly very privileged and is using it to do things like ride a sailboat across the world instead to address world leaders. Her words are scathing. She doesn't soften her message to make other people feel comfortable. She has given us the slogan, "How dare you", and it's perfect.

She also changed her Twitter bio to clap back at Trump mocking her. She is a gem and a half and we should ALL be propelled into action.

"The fact that you are staring at a panel of young people testifying before you today pleading for a liveable earth should not fill you with pride; it should fill you with shame."


It is ABSOLUTELY worth noting that she is not the only young climate warrior right now. There are many more who are getting less news coverage and have been working their butts off for years. It's likely not a coincidence that many of these less-famous climate activists are Indigenous and people of colour. My promise is to read up on them and share their stories, too.

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