Inspiration! Roundup: Glitched Still Life, Crappy Rewards, Unwoven Art, and More!

A roundup of inspirational things, including bowling, some art, late blooming, and giving yourself crappy rewards!
This Week's "I want to go to there": I kinda want to join a bowling league!
Photo by Daniel Avarez Sanchez Diaz.

Glitched Still Life

Olan Ventura takes classic-style still lifes and gives them little glitches. It's captivating!

Crappy Rewards

Do you try to get yourself to do things by giving yourself little rewards along the way? Maybe you tell yourself you only get to have your favourite snack if you've exercised every day for a week or that you'll only watch your favourite show if you have already cleaned your house. Well, here's a new idea to motivate yourself: make that reward crappier. If the reward is something you really want then it takes very little to talk yourself into having it without doing the work first. A truly meaningless reward, however, like a checkmark on a calendar or a gold star, is not going to motivate cheating. It also helps keep your motivation intrinsic.

Let's try it! What do you want to do? I want to get back into my yoga habit.


While Olan Ventura is in one corner creating streams of colour on still-life portraits, Aiko Tezuka is in the other, creating a similar effect with fabric. She unweaves textiles and creates new designs. Stunning!

Late Blooming

I love this Harvard Business Review article about "late bloomers", people who have made significant changes and achieved feats later in life.

"Remember that age typically brings wisdom, resilience, humility, self-knowledge, and creativity. This is one reason the average age of founders of high-growth start-ups is 45. Citing the work of developmental psychologist Erik Erikson, Karlgaard writes, the 'ages 40 to 64 constitute a unique period where one’s creativity and experience combine with a universal human longing to make our lives matter.'”

It's not too late to go bloom, friends! (Or not, no pressure.)

Woven Photos

Photographer Heather Oelklaus has a captivating series where she takes old black and white photos and weaves them together into something new.

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