You're Never Not an Idiot

You're never not an idiot - we are always screwing up because we're always learning
Photo by Ian Dooley.

You know when you're listening to a podcast and have to stop and write down something the host said because it's just so good?

That's what happened a few weeks ago when I was listening to the latest episode of Good Muslim, Bad Muslim, one of my favourite podcasts (which I have written about before). Co-host Zahra Noorbakhsh shared one of her favourite life philosophies:

"You're never not an idiot."

I love it!

There is never a time in life that we completely know what we're doing. No phase when we're done learning and always get it right. We are always figuring life out, faking it until we make it, and screwing something up. We are never not a bunch of idiots.

The idea of always being an idiot may not be motivating to you; the podcast co-host Taz Ahmed didn't seem to like it all that much, so you'd be in good company with your dissent.

I just think it takes a lot of pressure off. If I'm never going to not be an idiot, then I have less to prove. When I screw a thing up or don't understand what's going on, that's okay. It means I'm doing life right by learning and growing.

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