A Quick Thought on Gun Control

Gun control is like locking your door - it won't keep everyone out, but it'll sure help
Photo by Hussan Amir.

A quick thought on gun control:

Some people like to say that there's no point in trying to restrict guns (at all or more than they already are, depending on the country you live in) because real criminals aren't getting guns legally anyway, so what's the point?

My response: if someone really wants to break into my house, locking my door isn't going to stop them. But I'm still going to lock my door because there's a whole bunch of opportunistic people who might walk in if there are no barriers. I don't want them in my house either.

I also lock up my bike every single time I leave it somewhere, even though some bike thieves can bust through locks in five seconds. You know why? Because a bunch can't and I don't want those folks to get my bike either!

We may not be able to stop a determined criminal from getting a gun, but we can at least lock the freaking door. We can make the barrier high enough that an opportunistic fool with a chip on their shoulder can't wander over and end some lives.

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