Inspiration! Roundup: The Best Self-Help Books, Overrated Virtues, Terrible First Dates, and More!

A roundup of inspirational things, gathered for you: seventy year old men's lifelong friendship, bad first dates, and other awesome things.
This Week's "I want to go to there": Honestly, I just get a kick out of this.
Photo by Jon Tyson.


A psychotherapist made fake books inspired by his patients. It's an inspiration to us all.

Overrated Virtues

I love this list of overrated virtues. It is crowd-sourced, and therefore gloriously contradictory, including being busy, downtime, loyalty, politeness, and hope.

Terrible Dates

For more crowd-sourced fun, this article sharing a terrible first date (spoiler alert: she thought she was meeting a different person, one she actually wanted to date!) has comments. It's the one time you should read the comments. So many awkward dates. My favourite is a girl who suddenly realized her Tinder date was her literal exact match, down to the mirror-image ripped jeans.

Flower Crowns

Slavic photographer and stylist collective Treti Pivni (Third Rooster) is working with Ukranian women to photograph them in traditional flower crowns. It's stunning.


A group of men in their 70s are showing us all what friendship is all about: they have been friends since KINDERGARTEN and meet up once a month. I love them and want everyone in my life to sign a binding document that this will be our future. (Although then I guess I would need to hunt down a friend from kindergarten.)

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