Let's Fill Our Hearts With Impotent Rage, Big Oil Edition

Do you feel like you haven't had a reason to fume lately? How about the fact that oil companies knew and hid climate change forty years ago?

I'm pretty sure there isn't enough anger in the world right now, so here's something to get mad about: the oil companies actually knew about climate change and their industry's impact on it 30-40 years ago. They just quashed the info in favour of profit.

It's true! New reports released show that Exxon figured out what was happening climate change-wise in the 70's, before the public became aware, and spent millions on misinformation campaigns and by 1988 Shell was onto the same game.

Guys, this is why I get pretty cynical about our ability to turn this whole climate change thing around. Humanity as a long and storied history of putting money before our own well-being and I don't know that I see that changing anytime soon. I mean, it's not even really a surprise, it's just a confirmation of something we all knew deep down in our hearts all along.

Thankfully, other people are still trying! For us Canadians, there's Shake Up the Establishment, which will follow the climate platforms of all major political parties leading up to our election this fall, and I don't know about you guys, but I have seen more and more protest happening in my fair city.

Now should we take some kind of legal action against these oil companies for literally choosing to kill their great-grandkids so that they could increase their profit shares? Reckless endangerment? (You can tell I don't know anything about the law, but I do know that a group of high school students are suing the US government for their role in climate change.)

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