Recommended Read: Take That Dang Glass of Water

Always say yes when someone offers you a glass of water, because it's important to practice saying yes
Pboto by Henry Be.

You know when you walk into an interview or meeting and they ask if you would like a glass of water? And you say no because you don't want to be high maintenance, even if a glass of water would be nice to have?

Yeah. Me too.

I have pondered in the past whether it is better to always say yes to the glass of water, literal or figurative, for several reasons: it validates the person offering and gives them something to do to welcome you, it gives your body vital hydration, your hands something to hold onto, and the conversation an excuse to pause while you sip. (These are benefits of a literal glass of water. The figurative glass of water will have different benefits depending on what it literally is, like maybe a magazine for you to flip through while you wait.)

Then I read this Man Repeller piece by Gyan Yankovich where she suggests always saying yes to the glass of water for just those reasons and the added reason of practicing saying yes. She argues that saying yes to small offers may help us assert our bigger needs when the time comes.

Go read it! Then let's make a pact. Let's always say yes to something we want or need that is offered to us.

This could be rephrased as: let's always let people help us when they want to help us.

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