Learning! Roundup: Friendly Like a Goat, Choose Your Sex, Piglet Squids, Presidential Tools of the Devil, and More!

Did you know that goats are as friendly and loyal as dogs??? Learn more about that and other cool things on this roundup of recent research.
Photo by Sergio Souza.

Friendly Like a Goat

Evidence that my commitment to one day live on a property that has a goat is good and right: goats have the same emotional capacity to bond with humans as dogs!

Choose Your Sex

You know how some amphibians are able to change their sex when needed? (Okay, I only actually "know" this from Jurassic Park, but I am pretty sure it's actually true!) Well, turtles can actually move around in their eggs before they're born and influence their sex!

Introducing... the Piglet Squid!

Love this video of scientists who have encountered a rare piglet squid and are trying to figure out what the heck it is.

One Gene to Rule Them All

There may be a common genetic underpinning to five very common psychological disorders: ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. This might explain why the tendency towards mental disorder can be common in a family, but they don't all have the same disorder.

It's All About the Leaves

There has been lots of research lately about the importance of green space in urban settings, and now we know that not any ol' green space will do: a canopy of leafy trees is best.

The Devil's Work

A quarter of Americans believe that Donald Trump is a tool of the devil himself. On one hand, I am sure that every political leader is thought to be a tool of the devil by some people. On the other hand, a quarter seems pretty high!

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