This Isn't Your Only Opportunity in Life

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When an exciting potential opportunity comes up, it can get easy to get caught up in the hype of the whole thing and start to feel like this is your one and only chance. Your one shot. One opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. Will you capture it? Or just let it slip? (Okay, sorry, I couldn't help but slip into a little Eminem there, but the point holds.)

Whether it's a big career opportunity, a potential relationship, an incredible travel opportunity, or a very important rap battle (again with the Eminem, sorry), it feels like a This Is It moment.

Here's the thing: it probably isn't.

You may not have this exact opportunity again, and you might have to eat a failure on it, but whatever the endgame is that you're looking for, this isn't it.

Want to be a director? This one film or play isn't going to make or break you.

Trying to get your photography business off the ground? It doesn't matter how incredible this wedding is, you will still be able to build a business without it.

Need to make friends in a new city? Not being able to connect with that one person isn't going to leave you alone forever.

Or, we could look at the goals behind those goals: you can still be happy, live meaningfully, find peace, share love, and contribute your talents to the world, no matter what happens with this one particular opportunity.

All this to say, let's not let fear drive us. (That's easy to do, right?)


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