The Truth is So Much More Interesting

The truth is so much more interesting and varied than our assumptions.

You know how we all have assumptions and biases and things we think we know but have never really looked into?

Maybe it's about other people's sexuality or gender identity. Maybe it's different political perspectives, religions or ideologies. Maybe it's millennials or old people or people with mental health issues or who have been to prison.

Whatever it is, we feel we know all we need to know, even though we haven't necessarily researched it (or certainly not in a way that actually entertains the potential validity of the other perspective, because why would we do that?) or had a real conversation with someone from that group.

A friend of mine, a very smart actor named Paige Louter, recently posted on Facebook about one of these topics. She finished by saying, "Do a little research! You may find yourself surprised that what is referred to as 'fact' is actually an outdated, colonial, western way of looking at the world. The truth is so much more interesting and varied."

The truth is so much more interesting and varied.

It's a pretty good motto to live by, don't you think? I bet it will lead to a much more engaging life than just accepting default assumptions and assuming we know enough about any particular group of people.

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