Is There Anything You Would Like to Promote?

Photo by Kate Trysh.

If you listen to podcasts, you've heard this line a zillion-bajillion times: "Is there anything you'd like to promote?"

It's the part of the episode where you get to hear the guest talk about their twitter account, improv group, and the podcast they host.

This is a completely fine and expected element of the medium, but recently I listened to an episode of Potterless where the guest wasn't also a creator of some kind, and so when asked what she would like to promote she said things like Harry Potter, being nice, and environmentalism.

I mean... isn't that wonderful? Not only was it a really nice break from the usual self-promotion, which I have nothing against but is also very boring, but it was a good idea.

Okay, maybe Harry Potter doesn't need any more promotion, but you know what does? Being nice and caring about the environment.

Imagine if we all had some cause or idea that we promoted in the same way we might promote an artistic project we are working on?

The best part about this would be the huge a variety of responses! Maybe one person would want to promote giving money to charity and another would promote keeping your home tidy and then someone else would promote oil spill prevention. YES!

It makes me want to go around and ask everyone if there is anything they would like to promote, except I would have to have them read this post first so that I wouldn't hear about their Instagram account.

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