Inspiration! Roundup: Becoming Kinder, 3D Photo Blocks, Defeated vs. Inspired Thinking, and More!

A roundup of inspiring things, including becoming kinder, visual art, defeated vs. inspired thinking, and #churchtoo conferences
This Week's "I want to go to there": Let's take a pile of books somewhere and just start reading.
Photo by Raychan.

Becoming Kinder

This is the kind of Twitter thread I need: a woman named Tori Hinn asks, "what has helped you become kinder?" The responses include therapy and learning to love yourself, talking to strangers, spirituality, and practicing patience.

Photo Blocks

Dustin Yellin's 3D photo collages embedded in glass bricks are freaking stun-ning!


I would order a bunch of prints of these historical cross-sectional geographic drawings created in 1887 by Levi Walter Yaggi. Especially the Nature in Descending Regions and Nature in Ascending Regions images. Love!

Defeated vs. Inspired Thinking

This could be a useful chart.

Vancouver Before

The City of Vancouver was dubbed the City of Glass by Douglas Coupland thanks to it becoming a developers dream and a collection of glass towers. Here is a collection of photos of the city before it cost a million dollars to buy a tear-down home.


Generally, any news item about #MeToo or sexual harassment in the church ends with me feeling disheartened about the fact that nobody seems willing to simply take victims seriously and own their mistakes. So imagine my surprise that the #ChurchToo conference, held by Canadian Mennonite University in Manitoba, was actually about taking responsibility and becoming victim- and survivor-affirming churches. The Mennonite denomination is pretty small and is not exactly powerful on a cultural level, but it gives me hope!

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