Learning! Roundup: InfoWars? Try Info CANDY! Also, Returning Wallets, Stopping Fights, Butterfly Migration, and More!

A roundup of research from the last week, including the fact that information is like candy for our brains
Photo by Roman Kraft.

Information is Candy

Our brains looooove to learn - so much so that new research shows that gaining new information is like candy to our brains. It can be addictive! Yet another reason why we have such a hard time putting our phones down (and why I keep doing these learning roundups.)

Returning Wallets

If you find a wallet on the street, what will make you go through the effort of trying to return it? Research says that if it's full of cash you are more likely to give it back! Why? Probably because you don't want to be considered a thief.

Up For a Fight

If you get attacked in public, what do you think are the chances that someone will intervene to try to help you? I would have said 50/50 or maybe even less, but a new study examining CCTV footage from Amsterdam, the UK, and South Africa found that 9/10 times, a bystander stepped in.

Non-Migrant Butterflies

Monarch butterflies raised in captivity don't migrate like they are supposed to - some because they lacked the necessary genes, and others because they didn't have the same environmental cues to fly south.

Pot and Faces

People who smoke pot regularly (more than once a week) seem to be less able to recognize facial expressions in others. This was a very small study, so it's hard to draw firm conclusions from it, but it did show that people who smoke weekly had smaller brain structures associated with emotional regulation and recognition and performed less well on a test of facial expression recognition.

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