Inspiration! Roundup: Lover's Eye(s), Being Called Too Sensitive, Turning Heads, and More!

A roundup of inspiring things, from caffeine, to villages reclaimed by nature.
This Week's "I want to go to there": It's been a long couple of days, just gimme some caffeine, please!
Photo by Hessam Hojati.

Lover's Eye

UK Artist Lucy Pass has a whole series of eyes peeping through golden windows. Imagine walking into a room full of this! Creepy and wonderful.

Are You Too Sensitive?

"When people don’t want you to talk about your feelings it’s because they don’t want to have to talk about theirs."
-Ashley Ford

Turning Heads

Ewa Juszkiewicz has taken historical-looking portraits of young ladies and spun their heads right around. I could stare at these for a while!


This article on the value of bringing ritual into our workdays interested and inspired me. Of course, it's valuable to bring ritual into our entire lives, but how often do we ignore the working part of our days when we try to bring in meaningful practices? Our work, and thus our lives, would benefit from some ritual-like attention.

Made Me Laugh


An abandoned fishing village off the Yangtze River in China has been reclaimed by nature. It gives me hope to see nature taking over rejected human spaces!

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