For Those of Us Who Are Super Behind in Seeing Captain Marvel


I FINALLY saw Captain Marvel last night and I just want to say DANG! That movie is GOOD!

Before seeing it I had heard two general criticisms:

1) It's not that good.

2) She looks "too hot" and is wearing perfect makeup all the time.


1) Yes, it is. You either don't like superhero movies (in which case, sure), require all your super heroes to be dark and tortured (in which case, ehhhh), or have an issue with women (in which case, ugh).

2) It's a superhero movie. They're all hot.


Best parts:

Her origin story is all about being a super cool rebel human who stands up to everyone, even aliens.

She keeps getting back up (annnnnd I'm crying just remembering that montage).

Her ultimate power lies in accepting her humanity and emotions.

We saw how Nick Fury gets his eye patch.

All the 90s music.

A sweet little kitty plays a pivotal role.


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