Inspiration! Roundup: Cloud on Cloud Love, New Zealand Bookshops, Three Truths, and More!

A roundup of inspirational things for the week, including Ian Fisher, David Alvarez, and a New Zealand bookshop that removed Jordan Peterson's books from its shelves.
This Week's "I want to go to there": I would like to order some Summer Fun, please!
Photo by Grace Ho.

Cloud on Cloud Love

Painter Ian Fisher does oil paintings of clouds that look like HD photography, and he calls his Instagram page Cloud on Cloud Love. Come on, that's great.

New Zealand Bookshops

After the Mosque terror attack in New Zealand, a prominent bookstore decided to pull Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life from its shelves.

They said in an email to customers, “As a business which takes our responsibilities to our communities very seriously, we believe it would be wrong to support the author at this time."

I am so impressed with this business for taking responsibility for its role in the community and being brave to not only remove a book considered dangerous from shelves but to let people know they were doing it.

Three Truths

I am really clinging to reminders like this these days. And you know what? It's working.

Vanna White's Job

If anyone could claim that their dream job got a little too repetitive, it's Vanna White. She's been turning letters on Wheel of Fortune since 1982, with the only variety being the contestants and her dresses. Yet, she has found ways to keep her job interesting. She focuses on the elements of it that excited her in the first place: making people happy and giving away money. Plus, all those dresses!

It's a good reminder of the ways we can all keep our jobs from becoming too routine to manage.

Brooding Night

I love David Alvarez's illustrations of night, personified. It looks sad and brooding and interesting.

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