Learning! Roundup: Faking Smiles Drives You to Drink, Snow Warming, Implicit Biases, THE BLACK HOLE PHOTO, and More!

Did you know that working in the service industry drives people to drink? Officially? That's one of many new items of research for rounded up for you to learn!
Photo by Jia Jia Shum.

Fake Smiles, Real Drinks

If you've worked in customer service, you probably have experienced the exhaustion of acting positive while dealing with the public all day. Well, now we know that this experience drives workers in these kinds of jobs to drink, literally!

Snow Warming

You would think that snow is all just part of life as usual in chilly climates, but in the Arctic, snowflakes falling on the ice are creating a nice little blanket to warm and MELT IT! Not good!

Implicit Bias is Going Down

For once there is some positive news about the pervasive biases that poison our minds and hearts every single day! A new study shows that implicit biases (default, unconscious negative assumptions) are decreasing with regards to race, sexuality, and skin tone. We're not done yet, not by a long shot, but it's progress! PROGRESS!

Twins in Space

NASA was able to do a proper study on the impacts of time spent in space on a person's health by comparing twins - one who was in space and one who was on the ground. The happy result is that health can be sustained in space! Yay!


It's all anyone who cares about outer space is talking about this week: scientists were able to take a photo of a black hole!!! If you're like me, you thought this was cool but don't know enough about the cosmos and science to fully grasp the significance. Here is an explanation.

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