How to Recycle Those Old Clothes That Don't Spark Joy for ANYONE

Ratty old clothes that can't be donated anywhere can still be recycled at these retailers: H&M, Patagonia, Levi's, North Face, and More!
Photo by Brina Blum.

Like everyone else, I have become mildly obsessed with getting rid of stuff I don't want/need/love organizing the rest of my life to optimize my access to the stuff I do want/need/love.

This has led me to make a number of trips to my local thrift stores with bags and boxes full of stuff, but it has also led me to stand in front of the garbage can, holding something that is not good enough quality to donate, feeling incredibly guilty about the idea of throwing it out.

Turns out, there are still things that can be done with damaged goods! Or at least, clothes. A number of retailers now accept donations of clothes or shoes from any brand, in any condition, for reuse and recycling. Some even give coupons to buy more new stuff if you actually need to replace that holey t-shirt and don't just need to purge it.

Some places you can recycle your ratty old clothes:

H&M (why not have the purveyor of fast fashion help clean up the mess?)

North Face

Nike (shoes only)

Patagonia (Patagonia brand only)

Levi Strauss

Zara (selected stores)

Happy recycling!

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