Tiny Life Tip: The Best Souvenir

A tiny life tip taken from Lifehacker: buy socks as your souvenir while travelling
Photo by The Creative Exchange.

What do you like to pick up to have as a souvenir from travel? I often gravitate towards stationary, as I can barely resist a good stationary store in real life, let alone while travelling. Art postcards have often seemed like a great choice that I have gone on to leave in a drawer.

At one point in time, I would buy a pair of underwear from the cities I visited. I liked it because I wear underwear every single darn day, and so I would get regular reminders of the fun place I visited when I put on my souvenir pair.

The thing is, underwear isn't found at a lot of tourist attractions, and so this would involve going into an H&M basically anywhere, which is less appealing now than it was when I was 19 and H&M was exclusively European. Plus, it's not something you can just have on hand to give as a gift when you get home.

What is equally practical in day-to-day life, but also available at most tourist stops AND a decent gift? SOCKS! Get socks! Buy socks for all your souvenirs! They can be fun and weird or they can be practical and they are everywhere and an easy gift! Done!

From Lifehacker.

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