Pretend You've Already Won

A great way to keep your cool under pressure is to pretend you've already won
Photo by Wesley Eland.

Do you find yourself choking under pressure a lot? Or even a little?

I generally find that when the pressure is on, I am able to stay focused on what matters, but I still love this mental trick to keep cool when it matters most: pretend that you've already won and that you are fighting to keep the prize.

In a recent study, people who did this not only performed better on a test, but their brains were less likely to go into a stress-out zone that impedes performance.

This is very similar to the "pretend you're good at it" or "pretend you are happy to be here" trick that can help people do things they never thought they were able to do, including become happy to be somewhere.

Things like this always make me wonder how many abilities are locked up inside me, just waiting for me to believe in myself. Like little Tinkerbells that die when someone says they don't believe in fairies.

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