Learning! Roundup: We Want to Protect Nature When It's a Woman, Nightmare Pills, and More!

A roundup of research from the past week, including the fact that we are more likely to want to protect the environment if it's been anthropomorphized as a woman. Call it mother nature!
Photo by Chris Gill.

Protect Mother Nature

Anthropomorphizing the earth as a woman makes people feel more protective towards her and spurs them to more environmental attitudes. On one hand, I like that there is a nice way to get people on side with protecting the earth, on the other hand, it's clearly rooted in the ol' patriarchy that tells us women need protections. Sigh. I guess just this once, the patriarchy might save the human race.

Welcome to Nightmareland, With a Pill Full of Needles

This one falls into the category of things that are terrifying, but that allegedly should not be: scientists have developed a pill full of tiny needles that can replace injections. Painlessly, apparently.

Sharia Law

The video series The Secret Lives of Muslims is awesome, and here is a great one explaining what Sharia Law really is, which is apparently a standard of living that has to do with how you, as an individual, interpret the law, treat others, and generally live. Very educational.

Gender Discrimination Hurts Men, Too!

A new study confirms that dividing work into blue jobs and pink jobs is bad for everyone. In a replication of the studies where they submit resumes to a job posting where the only difference is the sex of the applicant (usually communicated by the name), it was shown that men got fewer calls for traditionally female jobs (housecleaning or HR roles). This is the issue, folks! The patriarchy hurts us all!

Universal Income

A new trial on giving out a universal income (where the government just hands out money to everyone) shows that it doesn't reduce employment. In Finland, they tried out giving 2000 people on unemployment a basic income instead (the difference being that unemployment wages reduce or go away when you earn income from other sources) and found that those people worked the same amount as those who stayed on unemployment, and had less health issues.

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