Learning! Roundup: Jump Off a Cliff to Make More Friends, Abortion Impacts, Self-Aware Robots, and More!

Photo by Sergio Souza.

All Your Friends Are Jumping Off a Cliff

A new study shows that teen boys are more likely to take risks if their peers are doing so (this is already known) and that the ones who conform to their pals' risk-taking have more friends. I mean, we've all had to wait on the other side of the street for the friend who wouldn't run across with the rest of us, and it is a dull time, so it makes sense.

Unexpected Impact of Abortion

A new study looks at the impacts of abortion availability on children's lives. It looked at households where a woman sought and was denied an abortion and the impact on the lives of the children she already had as well as that child, in comparison to households where a woman got to have her abortion. It found that the children of women who are denied abortion are more likely to live in poverty and have difficulty bonding with their child, and that women who received abortions were likely to have a planned pregnancy within the next five years, when they were ready.

The Robopocalypse Approacheth

A self-learning robot has now been able to figure out what it looks like. It started like an infant, not knowing what it could do or what limbs it had, moving around at random. Then it figured out its own structure, through this flailing.

Get Physical

Aerobic exercise is good for our brains! It improves our reasoning, problem-solving, and prevents decline in adults, young and old.

Gut Bacteria and Depression

The gut biome is such a cool thing, and it seems to impact our whole entire bodies and our brains. Now they have found that depressed people seem to be missing a particular gut bacteria. It's a correlation, of course, but another cool one in the gut-brain superhighway.

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