Inspiration! Roundup: Our Bodies Are the Coolest, Cookie Monster, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": blanket hugs.
Photo by Matthew Henry.

It's (An)atomic!

I love papercut art, and Andy Singleton's work is really fun. Here is a detail shot from his show Anatomic, featuring our circulatory system as art. (I am trying to think of a good variation on the "my kid could do that" joke, but in this case the joke is that your kid has the real circulatory system - and so do you! And I!)


When was the last time you watched a single cell turn into a complete organism? It's a beautiful reminder of how much can come from so little, or perhaps about the power of a tiny thing, given the right circumstances. It's just beautiful.

Also, it's pretty wild to think that this very process is happening INSIDE people right now! (Except hopefully not turning into tadpoles.)

Ask Cookie Monster Anything

Cookie Monster did an AMA! An AMA is an Ask Me Anything, usually done on Reddit (although I think it's crossed to other platforms now) where experts, celebrities, and the like answer any question we throw at them.

Cookie Monster's AMA is sweet and whimsical, and I love it.

It's Life Size

In other body-related art, Shanelle Papp created a life-sized skeleton complete with removable organs.

Musician Mental Health

I love this! A Toronto-based music label has announced that all musicians on its roster will have access to $1,500 to deal with mental health issues or concerns. More arts organizations need to find a way to do this.

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