Inspiration! Roundup: Flying Girls, Flowery Animals, Just Joking, Ellen, and More!

This Week's "I want to go to there": Mostly I was just taken with the fact that this could 100% be me and my boyfriend.
But also: sunshine and warmth and beaches? I'LL TAKE IT!
Photo by Alexandra Munoz.

Flying Girls

I am fully taken with the art installation piece Flying Girls. I want to see it in person and walk around it and stand in the middle of it, which they wouldn't want me to do so it's better that I'm just seeing it in a photo.

Flowery Animals

Raku Inoue's flowery animals are so beautiful! I want to hug them, but that would hurt them.

Just Joking

If you have found yourself even a little bit confused about comedy these days, not sure what counts as funny and what doesn't and why some comedians seem to get away with things others cannot say, HAVE I FOUND THE FACEBOOK POST FOR YOU! Glori Adams gives a full breakdown of different kinds of jokes and where they come from, what makes them funny, and then... why one particular comedian's "comeback" isn't comedy anymore. It's a brilliant lesson in what makes comedy work as well as an explanation of when it doesn't.

"In order for a joke to land, you have to play with concepts your audience understands, and you have to point/push/punch in a direction your audience is comfortable with you going."

Into the Light

The other day was particularly sunny and lovely, so I told my coworkers I was going to stand outside, bathe in the light, and never come back. My coworker said that I have "surrendered to the beauty of the sun", and I etched those words in my heart for FOREVER because they are true and beautiful.

This art exhibit seems perfect for me: it's called New Dawn and it is made up of nothing more than a set of blinds with LED lights behind them that create the illusion of moving tree branches on the other side. It looks stunning and tragic, all at once.


I have never seen Ellen Degeneres photographed this way, and of course it came from a combination of her brilliance and that of Annie Lebowitz.


"We have forgotten the power of silence."
-Bobette Buster

This is definitely true for me in the general part of my life: I fill every moment possible with music or words (my own or those of a podcast). When I find myself in silence, it is either a huge relief or an oppressive and weighty experience.

However, I would like to let Bobette know that there is at least one place where the power of silence is deeply known, and that is live theatre. We know, in theatre, how powerful silence is, and we try to wield that power wisely.

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