Learning! Roundup: Sleepy Students, Morning Stress, Someone's Daughter, and More!

Photo by Gregory Pappas.

Sleepy Students

I remember when I was in high school, people would talk about how school should start later, and that research said we would be healthier and smarter if it did. Of course, nothing changed, and now research is once again saying the same things: teenagers get better grades when school starts later.

Morning Stress

Speaking of mornings, apparently, our physiological stress response is stronger in the morning than the evening, because our cortisol levels are higher when we first wake up.

"She's Someone's Daughter"

You know how male politicians always talk about how they aren't sexist because they have daughters? Well, looks like men who have school-aged daughters are less sexist than their counterparts. Something about seeing the girl's lives up close teaches them that their stereotypes may not be true. This is both kinda nice and incredibly frustrating.

Vote for the Arts!

Americans are twice as likely to vote for a candidate who supports the arts as one who doesn't. Go arts, go!

Twitter Hate

A study of Twitter abuse by Amnesty International found that women of colour are 34% more likely to receive abusive tweets, with black women specifically getting a whopping 84% more hate.

Pets Are Good For Babies

Living with pets as an infant is good for you! Having pets in the house with your baby will make them less likely to develop asthma, hay fever, and eczema.

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