Inspiration! Roundup: Your Heart, Embroidered Food, People Are Trees, Ace of Cups, and More!

A roundup of inspiring things, including the fact that your heart has loved you all along.
This Week's "I want to go to there": I wanna get cozy and stay there.
Photo by Matthew Henry.

Your Heart

“your heart has loved you from the beginning.”
— Nayyirah Waheed

Ooooh boy, that is a good one to remember. Our hearts have always loved us, they are always on our side. It's our dang heads that twist everything up.

Embroidered Food

I am fully taken with ipnot's embroidered 3D food. It is kind of blowing my mind.

People and Trees

When I go out into the woods, and I look at trees, I say, “Oh, look at that one, oh look at that one, oh how interesting!” I don’t ask why an Elm isn’t an Oak… I just appreciate them for what they are. Somehow it’s different when I get near humans, I somehow feel that it’s a whole different category, and I move into my judging mode, saying, “If that person was more like that person, things would be better.”
-Ram Dass

It's funny that seeing other people as trees might help me remember that they are whole people, all on their own.

Ace of Cups

These ladies are AWESOME! Ace of Cups toured in the 70s with bands like The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix, but never managed to get an album together. UNTIL NOW!

Street Art Fest

Once a year, one street in India fills with hundreds of artists to showcase and sell their work. It's intended to give a platform to artists who otherwise can't access the gallery system, and it looks amazing.


I love moon phase art. It always makes me feel like mysteries are real and possibilities are endless.

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