Learning! Roundup: #AllTheFeels, Bumble Bees Get Sleepy, Rapper Vocabularies, and More!

Photo by Jon Tyson.


If you're feeling #allthefeels, you'll do much better to give specific names to your emotions. Another round of research, this time a study looking at people in the wild, wild world of Twitter, confirms that labelling your feelings explicitly helps reduce their power over you.

Bumble Bees Are Sleepy Parents, Too

When bumble bees have to take care of babies, they also become sleep-deprived. For them, it's because they nap half as much as they normally would.

Crows Can Figure Everything Out

It's becoming more and more obvious that crows are eerily clever. New research shows that these little creatures can judge the weight of something by watching it sway (or stay still) in the wind.

Rapper Vocabularies

This is fun! Someone created an interactive chart that shows the vocabulary size of different rappers. You can even sort it to show only members of the Wu Tang Clan. The top vocabularies go to Aesop Rock and Busdriver - two rappers I have never heard of (but that's not really a surprise).

Hubble Gender Bias Solved

The Hubble Space Telescope used to have a big gender problem: women were rarely granted access to use it. Until now! All they had to do was make the request system anonymous, and thus gender blind, and then BAM! Gender equity.

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