Cute! Roundup: You Won't Believe Where This Kitty Fits & Sits, a Monkey Gets a Warm Welcome, and More!

I was trying to do one of those cute, styled shoots that all the fancy Instagrammers do with my book... The main reason it didn't work is that I'm not very good at it, but let's just say it was Gertie's fault.

A roundup of cute things, including a drawing of an inari fox, a cat in a wine glass, a baby lion, and more!


This inari fox isn't real, but it's dang cute!

Sometimes "if I fits, I sits" leads to some wildly confusing scenarios.

Little baby lion coming through! (Maybe it's going to be a mighty king?)

The warmest welcome home for this lil' monkey!

A woman in a park feeding squirrels from a marionette replica of herself.

The Receptionist Delivers!
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