Learning! Roundup: Bike Love, Medium Maximization, Smelly Computer Chips, and More!

Photo by Luca Zanon.

Bike Love

A new study shows that cyclists are emotionally attached to their bikes. I can 100% confirm this is true. I get personally hurt whenever anyone says anything negative about my steel pony. Even if they're pointing out a safety concern, like my brakes not being as tight as they could be, I am not a fan of their criticism.

Medium Maximization

What is medium maximization, you ask? It's our love for rewards points. Or, at least, my love for rewards points (although I doubt they would name a psychological phenomenon after just me, so I bet more people experience it, too). Basically, it's our tendency to see value in a token that has no actual value. You know, like points where you get one for every dollar you spend and need tens of thousands to do anything with them.

Smelly Computer Chips

By "smelly", of course, I mean that the computer chips can smell. Isn't that neat? New computer chips are being developed that can smell your armpits and tell you if you have BO, or smell food and tell you if it's off. I like it.

Natural Healing

Did you know that birch trees can be used to speed up the healing of your wounds? It's been used for centuries by various Indigenous populations, and now (you know, thousands of years later) western science is seeing the value. A new study shows that a gel made from birch bark helps accelerate the healing of burn wounds.

Write Your Gratitude Down

I've been saying this for a while (and I even wrote about it in my book, Feeling Better: A Field Guide to Liking Yourself, coming out Feb 4!), but writing down the things your grateful for is more beneficial than just thinking about them.

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