The Finns Have Done it Again: Pantsdrunk

Photo by Alfonso Scarpa.

While everyone else has fallen in love with the Finnish concept of hygge, a coziness that produces Instagrammable perfection, I'm over here getting hit by cupid's arrow for kalsarikännit, or pantsdrunk.

It's the feeling of knowing you are going to go home, take off your pants, and get drunk, with no intention of going out.

This is the perfect thing for someone like me, who struggles constantly with saying no, slowing down, and living a simpler life (but realllllly wants to)!

Also, as an occasional activity, it feels sort of pleasantly rebellious. I was taught growing up that drinking is a sketchy activity in and of itself, and that a person drinking alone is likely sad and alcoholic. If the Finns say, "NOT SO! It is simply a fun and relaxing thing to do once in a while, don't be so uptight you weird North American!", then I will take off my pants and raise a glass with them!


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