I Don't Want to See Fantastic Beasts and it's Giving Me an Identity Crisis

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When I watched the trailer for the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, I cried.

Now, this is not special in and of itself. I cry at things, especially Harry Potter things. Every time I encounter this world, a feeling of magical joy and wonder perks up in my chest. I can't help but feel supremely excited, and sometimes (most times) that excitement comes out of my eyeballs as salt water. (The human body can only hold so much, guys!)

This time the tears were different: I wasn't crying because I was swept away in that magical world that makes me feel like anything is possible or because I was feeling nostalgic or because of a group of friends who band together to sacrifice everything and fight for what's right or even the sadness of a lonely boy who becomes a terrible villain.

Nope, I cried because I felt empty inside. I felt nothing. I had interacted with a Harry Potter-related thing and was unmoved, to my core.

There was just no magic. I mean, there was magic in the sense that people did impossible things using their wands and their minds, but there was no heart-magic. There was no sense of magical possibilities or of the other wonderful feelings I associate with Harry Potter.

It looks like a regular old "chase down the bad guy" movie with some fancy tricks thrown in, and that is not the same thing.

So now the movie is out and I kind of don't even care if I see it, which leads to some questions. Who am I??? What have I become??? Am I even Andrea anymore??? Did my heart shrivel up and die???

I don't know what to do with this. Let's watch the trailer again and see if I feel anything.

Nope. Sigh.

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