Recommended Read: Actress Ann Dowd on What It Was Like Not Finding Success Until Her Fifties

Recommended Read: Ann Dowd on what it was like finding success in her fifties
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I really, really love stories about people who gain success, accomplish big things, or otherwise find their stride later in life, so I highly recommend we all read this Glamour article from Ann Dowd on what it was like to be pursuing acting her whole life, and not "make it" until her fifties.

Why do I love stories like this? There is the obvious reason that I am 34 and a "nobody." Whenever I see those lists of young people doing amazing things, I have to actively remind myself that I don't know their backstory, that my worth has nothing to do with what I accomplish, and that comparison is the thief of joy.

Maybe it's that little, broken part of me from childhood that decided I only had value if other people told me I had value, maybe it's because there is something I still feel I need to accomplish in life, or maybe it's just a basic human condition. I don't know. Still, I find stories like Ann Dowd's quite inspiring.

Some snippets:

"For some reason I had an unshakable faith that all would work out... I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about the future. I would suggest that—a little time but not a lot. Pay attention to where you are. Celebrate the small victories."

"Darlings, stay humble and grateful. It will suit you. It will support you. Use your manners. Manners are a wonderful and forgotten thing. Use them."

"Here's the last thing I want to tell you, and I think it's the most important: You do not have to be the best. That's a whole lot of pressure, darlings. Say no to it."

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