Cuteness! Roundup: Bands of Animals, a Dog Drawn to Water, Sneaky Cats, and More!

I almost always can't help but take a photo of Gertie during our morning cuddle sessions. They are truly among the happiest moments of my life and each one needs to be saved! EACH ONE.

So many cute things in the world! Lots of cats cuddling, sneaking into museums, and getting potty trained.


A bunch of animal bands waiting for their new album to drop.

This can't be a comfortable sleeping position.

A dog that can't help but go into water, no matter where it is.

Two cats have been trying to sneak into the Hiroshimi Onimichi City Museum of Art for years!

It takes this cat a minute to figure things out, and then it realizes that it is having the best day of its life!

A baby potty training a cat. They are the same size!!!

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